Rabbis Bio

Bio of Rabbi Ephraim Epstein:

Rabbi  Ephraim Epstein received his Semicha (ordination) from HaRav Berel Wein shlitta in Jerusalem.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Boston University and is a candidate for an EDS degree for Marriage and Family Therapy from the College of New Jersey.  Prior to coming aboard at Congregation Sons of Israel, Rabbi Epstein and his wife, Debi, resided in Israel for nine years. He served as an administrator and lecturer at the Center for Torah Studies in Jerusalem, a division of Ohr Somayach International. During this time, he taught Talmud, Tanach and Ethics to hundreds of students. Rabbi Epstein also traveled to North America, where he lectured on a myriad of torah topics at synagogues, conventions and universities, including the University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin, Brandeis University and the University of Oregon.

In Elul 5761/2000, Rabbi Epstein and his family arrived in Cherry Hill.

He became the Assistant Rabbi of Congregation Sons of Israel for a few years, and then followed Rabbi Bernard Rothman as Senior Rabbi. In addition to his work on behalf of the Congregation, he serves the entire Jewish community overseeing the local Cherry K Vaad Hakashruth, the Eruv, the Mikvah as well as the Chevrah Kadishah.

Rabbi Epstein writes a weekly column entitled Tefilla Tips that is featured on this website as well as on the Orthodox Union website. He has also written Parsha and Kashruth articles in regional Jewish periodicals. Rabbi Epstein, his wife Debi and their seven children BA’H welcome guests to their home regularly and can be found involved in every aspect of Jewish life in Cherry Hill and beyond.

Rabbi Ephraim Epstein
Congregation Sons of Israel
720 Cooper Landing Road
Cherry Hill New Jersey 08002